5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Bedroom Under $500

Tricks to help turn your bedroom into an oasis without breaking the bank.


Your bedroom is your safe haven: where you go to relax and forget any troubles from the day before. However, when it comes to upgrading your home, your bedroom can also be the most neglected space. While home renovations can be costly, sprucing up your bedroom can be done in under $500 to add a spark of change without breaking the bank.

ESTATENVY sat down with Kristin Taghon of Kristin Taghon Interior Designs and Rae Duncan of Rae Duncan Interior Design based in Chicago, who shared tricks to transform your space in 5 simple ways that yield big results.

1. Paint The Walls

Painting a room is an inexpensive way to make a big impact in any space. If you’re going for a brighter look with bold colors, be sure to pick the right shade with complimentary undertones. Taghon suggests layering colors to make the room pop and appear larger. “Your goal should be to create an atmosphere in the room that is monochromatic so it feels serene and larger,” she said. “Layers of the same color in varying shades of the same palette - such as white, gray or tan - create a very calming look.”

Duncan agrees that the walls in your bedroom should be covered in soothing tones. “Calm colors work best in bedrooms,” she said. “Still, this doesn’t mean you have to go totally neutral. Although I do love a soft gray, pale blues or greens are also great options for those who want a little more color without sacrificing a relaxing ambiance.”

2. Add a Statement Piece

Pinterest is a great place to begin your search for statement pieces to give your bedroom an affordable yet striking pick-me-up. Something as simple as a large mirror will instantly add brightness to any room and open up the space. Taghon says hanging wall art that brings all of your colors together can create a great focal point that changes the vibe of your space while staying within your budget. “You can find great, unique statement pieces at garage sales,” she said. “I’ve found beautiful pieces at estate sales or even on Facebook from people who did some staging to sell their place.”

3. Personalize with Fresh Flowers and Frames

Grabbing a bouquet of fresh, pretty flowers during your trip to the grocery store is the cheapest and quickest way to add character to any room. If you don’t want to deal with the upkeep, grab some fake colorful hydrangea and throw them into a white vase for a clean, crisp look. Adding framed photos is also an inexpensive, easy way to add warmth to a bedroom. Print off a few 5x8 photos of your kids in black and white for a classic, personalized look. Duncan also suggests switching out small, cluttered items on your nightstand or desk and for a nice lamp or candle to bring a classy look to your bedroom.

4. Lay an Area Rug

An area rug is a perfect way to add style and color to any space. Don’t be afraid to layer a rug on top of carpet to add dimension to your room. While your walls should be painted with soothing tones, your area rug offers an opportunity to take some risks with bold colors and design. “Even if your goal is to have a soothing space to relax and sleep in, it doesn’t have to look boring. Include a variety of textures to add interest to your bedroom,” Duncan said.

5. Find Duvet Covering with Statement Pillows

According to Taghon, new bedding and pillows are always a fun, painless way to make a big statement in the bedroom. Choose an affordable grey or white duvet to help balance your new statement pieces. Adding statement pillows that fit with the patterns and textures of your new room’s theme can provide a clean and sophisticated look. “Bedding is an easy way to make a big impact. Layered bedding is the key to a beautiful bed to rest in every night, so go crazy on quilts, throws and duvets,” Duncan said.

In general, Taghon suggests making an overall plan before beginning your bedroom makeover. “If you can’t afford to do it all at once, do it in stages but follow that plan. A cohesive layout will help make upgrades in the home happen quicker, and it will look like you brought in professional help.” By focusing on these five easy yet useful tips, you can change the entire look of your bedroom and turn it into the retreat you’ve been dreaming of while staying within your budget.