Year in Review: The Trendy Plants of 2019

Pot it like it’s hot.

This year’s most sustainable and stylish home accessory can be found in a garden near you. From fresh ferns to plush palms, plants have been this year’s coffee table and countertop necessity. Not only do plants make any room more aesthetically pleasing, but science shows that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity. Now that’s plant-tastic.

Not quite ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet or child? Become a plant parent! Placing a simple succulent on your powder room’s windowsill or a rubber fig in the corner of your living room would certainly put a smile on Mother Nature’s face. There’s an infinite amount of ideas when it comes to spicing up your space with plants.
Plant enthusiast and Instagram influencer Becky Sivin gave ESTATENVY the low-down on 2019’s most on-point plants, how to care for all types of greenery and why fake succulents have got to go in 2020.
2019’s most Instagram-able plants
Sivin’s apartment is covered from head-to-toe in plants (35 to be exact). But, there’s one in particular that holds a special place in her heart—Jolene, the dieffenbachia. Dieffenbachias are the show-stopper of plants. It’s lush white and green leaves will instantly add a tropical look to any room.
“Dieffenbachias, also known as ‘dumb canes,’ are a plant that many have grown found of this past year as it makes the perfect plant to have next to your couch,” said Sivin. “The one in my apartment means a lot to me because it was passed down to me from my mom who got it from my grandma. I named it ‘Jolene’ and she currently stands at six feet tall.”
Another plant that has blossomed in popularity this year is the monstera, otherwise known as the swiss cheese plant because of its holey leaves. A monstera would look splendid in any lonely corner. Sivin’s favorite type of monstera is the Thai constellation.
“The most trendy of monsteras is the Thai constellation,” said Sivin. “They’re super rare, which make them pretty expensive. Its leaves are green with white specks, which make it a super unique-looking plant.”
Last but certainly not least, fiddle-leaf figs have made an appearance in many Instagram influencer’s homes such as the ones of Jacyln James and Geneva Vanderzeil. Certain fiddle-leaf figs can grow up to almost 50 feet. Unbeleafable!
How to decorate your home with plants
Refresh your empty windowsill by adding a simple succulent. The best part about succulents is that they don’t require intensive care. As long as it has access to sunlight, your succulent will be golden.
“Succulents are the perfect plant for new plant parents with busy schedules,” said Sivin. “It’s important to keep in mind that while these plants don’t require tons of water, they need sunlight. East- and West-facing windows are best to place succulents by because they have access to the sunrise as well as the afternoon and evening sun exposure.”
Don’t like cluttering your counters? No big dill. Target, Wayfair and Amazon sell darling plant holders that allow your plants to hang from above. Plants with long leafy vines, such as ferns, would dangle beautifully from the ceiling.
Plant hack: Hang your favorite herb plants in your kitchen. Voila! Now you have fresh ingredients right at your fingertips.
Leave fake plants in 2019
Some may assume that fake plants last longer than live ones, but Sivin argues otherwise. She hopes that the fake plant fad will be left behind in 2019.
Fake plants don’t look as nice and because they’re often placed in the sun, the plastic tarnishes and ruins easily,” said Sivin. “I’ve had real plants outlive my fake ones by years. 
Surrounding your household in live plants is great for your health and the environment. So, why wouldn’t one want to spend their money on the real deal? According to Sivin, there’s nothing better than walking into someone’s home and seeing greenery galore.
“When I walk into a space that doesn’t have plants, it feels cold and less homey,” said Sivin. “But when I walk into a space with plants, it means someone is taking care of and keeping up with their space—it’s refreshing.”
You can even use plants in your daily routine. To soothe your sunburn, use pure aloe from a cactus leaf. To make “fancy” water, sprinkle a few mint leaves from your hanging plant for a refreshing beverage.
Adding plants to your home is a sustainable step in the right direction. Sustainability has been an ongoing trend in the home and this writer doesn’t see it going away in 2020. Next thyme you’re out and about, stop by your local Home Depot or garden center to pick up a plant (or two).