Step Into 2020 With A Decluttered Mind: Tips For Getting Organized In The New Year

Certified professional organizer Tatiana Knight shares ways to organize your space for a new year and a new you.

Even though getting organized can be a challenging process, this time of year remains the perfect time to purge your home of unnecessary items and set yourself up for success in the new year.

Miami-based certified professional organizer Tatiana Knight would know.
“Homes kind of get a little crazy during the holidays because everybody’s typically pulling out all these decorations and setting aside other things,” she said. “People are getting new gifts. There are all these events. There’s no time. I keep saying no time, but really, it’s true.”
Knight, who owns Neat with Knight, works extensively with clients to help them organize their spaces and live their best organized lives. Her clientele includes busy professionals, frequent travelers, longtime homeowners interested in downsizing and families with children.
“A lot of people love organizing or would want to be organized,” Knight said. “It just takes time and energy that a lot of people don’t have.” She noted that “You cannot really have a fresh mindset if you feel stifled in the place where you live and you’re supposed to sleep and relax and calm your mind and your body. When your house is a mess, I’ve really seen that your mind is kind of a mess, and that’s why clients are so upset about things when they call us.”
Getting organized can help people reach their New Year’s goals, she said. Their motivations can determine how, exactly, they’ll organize their home.
This is not just limited to the home, it is connected to all aspects of life. If someone wants to exercise more, they will need to organize not only what they eat, but also their food and exercise spaces, she said.
“If you want to eat healthily, you need an organized pantry, organized refrigerator and space on your countertops,” she said.
Taking the first step to getting organized will vary from person to person. Knight suggests that people can start small and “do a little bit everywhere” around the house.
“If you go to try on an outfit for a holiday event and it doesn’t fit, set it aside and consider donating it, because that’s one less thing you have to look through later,” she said.
When it’s time to put away holiday decorations, if there’s anything you didn’t use this year or last year that is no longer enjoyed, “say goodbye to that, too,” she said.
People might also consider letting go of projects they’ll just never get around to, as unfinished projects can often clutter up a home, and donating items is a great way to move on from unneeded items, she said.

“When you make a decision that ‘This is not needed in my life,’ and you pass it on to somebody who might actually need it, you really do start to feel good. It snowballs from there,” Knight said. “It’s hard to start but once you get started it’s just going forward.”