A New Year Means a New Color: How Interior Designer Lauren Clement Plans To Brighten Up Her Home in 2020

All Lauren Clement needs is a richly-colored can of paint and brush to refresh her home for the New Year.

Why begin your New Year’s resolutions on January 1 when you can get a jump-start now? Whether it’s eating more broccoli, finding more time to meditate or treating yourself to a fresh pair of kicks once a month (because you deserve it), 2020 is the time for fresh beginnings—especially for the home.

Do you find yourself walking into your home wishing you had a unique Persian rug to welcome your guests? Or perhaps a new contemporary canvas to compliment your traditional bedspread? Interior Designer Lauren Clement recommends walking outside your front door and reentering with a new perspective. By doing so, you will gain insight into what changes you’d like to make inside your home.
“When you physically leave your house, step back inside and really analyze your home, you’ll see how different your space looks,” said Clement. “You see the same thing every day when you walk through your front door, so it can be easy to block the stuff out that you don’t want to see, such as clutter or an outdated color on the wall.”
Sometimes all it takes to refresh your space is a new paint color. When you’re surrounded by four walls plastered with a hue you don’t love, it could negatively affect your mood.
“I took a home that wasn’t too old, but it was painted in very dark colors and the first thing I did was paint the walls in a soft neutral,” said Clement. “When the homeowner stepped through the door and came down the hallway, she said, ‘I can finally breathe in my own home.’ It’s amazing what you can do with a can of paint.”
Clement is taking her own advice and adding a fresh coat of periwinkle blue to her kitchen island. An upcoming trend that Clement is excited about reintroducing the home to color. This year was full of neutrals, and while you can never go wrong with a basic beige or crisp white, vibrant colors will never fail to make a statement.
“I love adding a pop of color whenever I can—especially to a bathroom vanity or windows curtains,” said Clement. “We’re going to see bolder colors on larger furniture pieces, like sofas or cocktail tables.”
When it comes to accessorizing, Clement can’t emphasize enough that less is more. Her resolution is to resist buying pieces she doesn’t actually need in her home. It may be hard to admit, but function is sometimes more important than appearance.
“You don’t need something covering every inch of a table to put a room together,” said Clement. “I used to be one of those people who wanted something everywhere in my space.”
Another exercise that Clement challenges you to do is to live in an empty space for a couple weeks to see what you miss, what wish you had...and what you don’t need.
“After you pack away your Christmas decor and you’re getting ready to take everything back out, really evaluate what you need to put back up,” said Clement. “Living in an empty space or using your spare bedroom as a staging room will help you realize what you can live without.”
Clement’s No. 1 tip when it comes to refreshing a space is to put your own stamp on it.
“I always appreciate when somebody is able to put their own spin on things because it sets their home apart and makes people feel connected with who they are,” said Clement.
New Years’ is a wonderful time to reevaluate which aspects of your home bring you the most pleasure—and to change the things that no longer fit your style or vision.
“I can’t perform brain surgery, but to be able to allow somebody to come home and feel happy, confident and productive is an indescribable and positive feeling,” said Clement.