New Year, New You: How to Set Design and Furniture Goals Following the Chaos of the Holidays

Interior Designer Lisbeth Jimenez advises setting visions for new furniture and design after the busy holiday season to fulfill the need to declutter your space—and mind.

During the final two months of the year, homeowners' lives are full of chaos. With the home being the centerpiece of mess and clutter, TPG Architecture design professional Lisbeth Jimenez says the New Year represents the perfect time to reevaluate the clutter.

“All of these activities affect our living environments,” Jimenez said. “But thinking about our habits in the spaces we inhabit when we are most busy can better help us prepare for a better future space in the upcoming year.”
The 28-year-old designer also suggests thinking through some change goals for the upcoming year, so that come the end of 2020, homeowners are proud of the accomplishments surrounding their home updates.
“Do you need a bigger dining table? Is the lighting in the kitchen bright enough to cook? Maybe you can get rid of that coffee table that is only taking space, has no function and you keep having to move for people to be able to dance. Thinking about what you do now is the best way to determine what you need,” she said.
Practice makes perfect, including for the New York-based designer. Jimenez, an alumnus of the Fashion Institute of Technology, lives in a one-bedroom apartment and constantly reevaluates her space for future planning.
“I’m the type of person who always has to have people over,” Jimenez said, noting the design opportunities she saw when she hosted Thanksgiving this year.
“I realized I don’t really have a lot of seating space, if I had to think about other stuff that I don’t usually use in my house, like other furniture, I think it could be rearranged in a way that I could have more room for my guests. So I’m definitely already planning to do that. It’s a matter of just rearranging the furniture in a way that is most efficient and functional to your space based on your needs.”
When it comes to designing a home for her clients, each living space has its own specific requirements.
“I want my clients to be aware that each decision that we make has an impact on someone beyond the people living, working and visiting their space,” she said. “Therefore, when refreshing their spaces, I will challenge myself to think beyond the ‘Color of the Year’ and trends alike. We are at a time when it is crucial to think ‘How is what I am doing bettering my world?’ As a designer, I have the ability to better the world with each environment I get the chance to enhance.”