Wellness Buildings Are on the Rise

Gym memberships and diets aren’t the only way to get healthy in the new year.

With the start of every year comes resolutions. And one of the most common resolutions that people across the country make is to get—and stay—in shape. But being healthy isn’t necessarily limited to a diet or gym membership. Some apartment buildings now come with health and wellness certifications.

Right now, there are two different versions of wellness certifications for condo and apartment buildings that have been developed by different organizations. When a building scores the WELL Certification status, it means that builders have to focus on healthier design elements, including water quality and natural light. The Active Design Verified program, on the other hand, is similar, but it’s only meant to apply to affordable housing developments.

While the concept of wellness buildings is relatively new, notes that it’s catching on. More than 50 residential buildings across the globe are seeking WELL Certification, and about 4,250 units in 25 housing developments have been approved by the Active Design Verified program.

Theresa Islo, an administrator in the University of Wisconsin Health and Wellness Management program, said that wellness buildings are “the next evolution of bringing the medical community tighter with architects to really meld these ideas.” She added, “It’s the next step of what we can do to control our health.”

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