Keeping the Door Open for All Former Employees is a Good Business Practice

Doors open go much further than doors closed.

One of the most valuable employee relationship lessons I have learned while leading No Limit Agency is the practice of not burning bridges, because in today’s online-reviews-crazed world, no bad exit story goes untold. The former employee has the tools to bring guns to a fist punch fight.

If you Google “No Limit Agency,” you will find our Glassdoor reviews (I have written about this in the past). Some are good, some are bad. We have a 3.3 rating. Many of the dings are from many years ago--because we “grew-up” as a business. I am sure many of those reviews came from those who were terminated--which I understand the need to win the battle from--but even for those who were let go from our team, we still keep the door open for you.

My feeling, today, as a more mature version of myself, is to appreciate the time everyone--no matter how much time they gave and no matter why they left—put into the company. For whatever reason, they were no longer a fit or we were no longer a fit. But collectively, we made the decision to test out a relationship together.

Recently, we lost a great employee, Rachel Stolba (find her here). Rachel made the decision to pursue her search for life happiness on the West Coast in Los Angeles. Rachel had a fantastic work-ethic, was strong at securing media for our clients, and has a ton of potential. Rachel can and will do whatever she wants in her career. She is doing some soul searching and we wish her the best on the next stage of her journey.

We also lost Sean Owens (find him here), whose LinkedIn says it all: “transitioning career into financial industry.” Sean has a ton of potential and is sales focused. He can learn a script and deliver a pitch. He understands that hard work = results. He, too, will go far in his career.

Rachel and Sean were the first two in that department to turnover in over 18 months. I am thankful of our leadership team for working hard to make this a great, competitive company.

While both Rachel and Sean didn’t work out for No Limit (for now, at least), they should both know they are appreciated--and, I would be happy to recommend them to anyone who wants to take a chance on them.

There was a candidate, recently, who wrote this to us: After having reviewed your Glassdoor critiques, I will be moving forward with my search at real companies. Please stop wasting peoples' time. We are looking for real career growth, not B.S. Get your act together.

I respect your opinion--and clearly, we are not the right fit--but, we are not a B.S. company. We are real, but sometimes a fit doesn’t work for whatever reason. We get this and will continue to try to hold the door open for anyone who helps our company--like the Rachel’s and the Sean’s--and even the candidates who may not fit at this time.

No good comes from burning bridges. It’s better to not say anything versus say something negative. Negative voices--from us or from others--have no positive result. Doors open go much further than doors closed.

This column is syndicated from 1851 Franchise.