Architectural Digest: Apple’s New Campus Design Brings Steve Jobs’ Vision to Life

The project was spearheaded by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Norman Foster.

Apple isn’t your ordinary company, so it’s fitting that its soon-to-be-completed headquarters is anything but average. According to an article in Architectural Digest, the brand’s new campus is on the cutting edge of design. And it was Steve Jobs’ vision to make it a reality.

At his final public appearance before his death in October of 2011, Jobs told a group of Cupertino council members, “We’ve come up with a design that puts 12,000 people in one building. We’ve seen those office parks with lots of buildings, and they get pretty boring fast… so we’re going to do something different than that.”

The campus, which was designed by Pritzker Prize-winner Norman Foster, is innovating company spaces. What’s being called The Ring structure has the ability to run entirely on sustainable energy, most of which comes from the solar panels that line its roof. Apple’s new headquarters will also be lined with fruit-bearing trees that are planted to withstand climate change. And the structure will be all glass, mirroring its famous New York City location.

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