Selling A Home? Don’t Skimp on Deep Cleaning

Oscar Palacios of The Cleaning Authority offers insight on the dirtiest areas of homes.

When touring a potential new home, most homebuyers focus on the overall picture. But other temporary and easy-to-change details, including paint colors, clutter and the cleanliness of a home, can deter many buyers when they first set foot in the door.

Oscar Palacios, a franchisee with The Cleaning Authority, an environmentally responsible residential cleaning franchise committed to using eco-friendly cleaning products, offers his tips for getting your home in open house ready condition.

To get started, Palacios suggests cleaning your home via a top to bottom approach. Start at the top – clear cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling, dust off light fixtures and ceiling fans and take a rag to cabinet tops and the top of the refrigerator—notorious dust collectors.

Then, move to the middle of the house. Take a close look at your walls. If you have strong enough paint, wipe your walls down. If you can’t do that or the damage is too visible, consider adding a fresh coat of paint. Don’t forget to wipe down light switch panels.

Finally, take a look at the bottom. Palacios notes that baseboards are typically a haven for dust that can make a big impact on the overall impression of a home.

After that initial clenaing, Palacios highlights the importance of changing air conditioning filters.

“If your home seems to create dust, make sure to check the air conditioning filter and ducts. If the filter needs to be changed or the duct needs repairing, you’re just recirculating the same dust throughout the home and creating more work for yourself,” he said.

He also suggests pulling out the refrigerator and cleaning behind it. He continues, “Homeowners often keep the inside of their refrigerators clean but rarely pull it out to clean underneath it. We’ve found everything from old food to insects underneath refrigerators – kitchens are a breeding ground.”

Finally, the bathroom is where The Cleaning Authority spends most of its time while cleaning a home, and it’s one of the rooms in a home that gets the most scrutiny by potential homebuyers.

Palacios says, “We go above and beyond an average clean – we focus on the details and crevices that often get overlooked. We check behind the toilet and where it meets the floor, we lift the cap up to check for rust, we scrub the hinges on the toilet cap, polish the shower, bathtub and faucet, scrub the bathtub and tile and more.”

He also notes that glass doors are typically easy to clean but the rails get neglected, leaving an overall dirty impression, especially in a bathroom.

Before opening your doors to potential buyers, make sure to put in the right time cleaning your home. Services like The Cleaning Authority provide its clients with a clean and healthy home, but with franchisees like Oscar, they’re also able to put their emphasis on the areas that count the most when selling a home.