How to Spruce Up Your Existing Rooftop Space without Starting from Scratch

Whether you’re the DIY type or prefer to bring in the professionals, these tips and tricks make it easy to upgrade your current rooftop without breaking the bank.

Rooftops aren’t a new trend in the housing industry. But they’re currently making a comeback that has made them an essential part of a home, especially when listing one on the market.

But making the most of the rooftop space you have doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to start from scratch. Whether you’re a DIY expert or prefer to rely on the experts for home improvement related tasks, there are steps that homeowners can make to ensure that they’re properly utilizing their rooftops. And according to Donald Maldonado, lead designer at Chicago Green Design, one of the best ways to spruce up an existing rooftop space is to start with something big like the deck.

“One of the simplest things that homeowners can do is purchase a product like DeckOver. It has the power to transform a dried-out deck and make it look completely different,” said Maldonado. “For fans of DIY methods, I’d also recommend investing in a quality planter in addition to lighting and shade elements. In order to get the most out of your rooftop, your space needs to be inviting and welcoming.”

For those who are DIY inclined or are only looking to make minor adjustments to their existing rooftops, there are ways to get creative with those planters, lighting and shading options. Not only are there sprinkler systems designed to make rooftop gardening more convenient, but there are also lights specifically made to illuminate tables and seating areas. Umbrellas also have the potential to add an architectural element to a rooftop while also shielding people from the sun.

However, if DIY isn’t your preferred method of renovation, Maldonado also says that there are ways for the professionals to spruce up a pre-existing rooftop.

“If you’re willing to bring in the professionals, I’d recommend replacing any outdated or worn decks. That serves as the basis for your rooftop space, and it’s the first step to sprucing up the space you already have,” said Maldonado. “There are also a lot of great add-ons that have the potential to make a rooftop stand out. From kitchens and bars to grass and gardens, designers can break up the monotony of your space to ensure that your rooftop is a focal point going forward.”

Whichever way you decide to spruce up your rooftop space, Maldonado says that now is the ideal time to make a change. As rooftops continue to become a popular amenity among home buyers and renters, there’s no doubt that they’ll add unbeatable value going forward.

“Rooftops are one of the biggest trends in the housing industry right now. People are starting to understand that the value they add to the home is well worth the initial investment—more and more consumers are willing to put money back into something when they know that it’ll last over time,” Maldonado said. “That’s why sprucing up your existing rooftop is a good move for homeowners to make. Not only will they get to enjoy the benefits that come with their new rooftop, but they’ll also be able to earn more for their space down the line.”