BathWraps Seeks Exclusive Dealers to Bring its Top Tier Products and Leading Bathroom Transformation Services to New York

Backed by its strong support system and simple business model, BathWraps is actively looking for an exclusive dealer to drive growth in New York City and Syracuse.

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When it comes to making major home updates, consumers across the country are looking for a quick and easy solution. But that doesn’t mean that they’re willing to sacrifice quality—instead, consumers are searching for a brand that combines affordable prices with top-tier products and customer service. That’s especially true for those who are updating their bathrooms, considering that they often see regular wear and tear. That’s why it’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to BathWraps for help. And because demand for its services continues to climb, the brand is actively looking to expand on its position as a leader and innovator in the home improvement industry by targeting key markets like New York for growth.

Founded with a mission to provide a simple solution for consumers looking to replace their outdated or damaged bathroom wetspace, BathWraps has leveraged its position as a recession-proof expert acrylic manufacturer for more than two decades. The brand even boasts an unrivaled one-day installation service, which stands out to prospective dealers and consumers alike because of its convenience and quick turnaround time on payments. That means companies that sign on to become exclusive BathWraps dealers are able to capitalize on an additional revenue stream.

“Partnering with an exclusive dealer in the metro New York city area and in surrounding markets including Syracuse is a natural next step for the BathWraps brand. When you take a look at the demographics in the city, it’s clear that there’s no shortage of older homes throughout the area that are in need of a renovation,” said John Craig, BathWraps’ regional sales manager in the Eastern U.S. “Demand for our services is also recession-resistant, which makes this an ideal business opportunity for home improvement companies looking to diversify their portfolios and boost their bottom lines. Whether a brand is looking to reduce the seasonality of its main business or enhance its offerings, BathWraps is able to customize its products and services to fit a company’s unique model.”

But demand for BathWraps’ product is far from the only competitive advantage that dealers gain by working with the brand. The partnership comes with the same benefits of a franchise—including a strong support system, training programs and a network of dealers across the country—without any franchise fees or additional costs. BathWraps also has a strategic partnership with Jacuzzi, ultimately giving its dealers access to distribute walk-in bathtubs made by the established brand in their territory.

“Being able to tap into the brand name behind the gold standard of walk-in bathtubs through our partnership with Jacuzzi is a huge deal for our partners. Not only does the original hydromassage bathtub resonate with the tens of thousands of Baby Boomers who are turning 65 every day, but it also makes our biggest asset—our network of dealers—even more powerful,” said Craig. “By signing on to become an exclusive BathWraps dealer, companies gain access to a network that’s made up of some of the best home improvement brands in the country.”

It’s clear that BathWraps’ model works—dealers are diversifying their portfolios in communities across the country. Take P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for example. The business was focused on roofing, windows and home exteriors when it was founded in 1980 but quickly realized that it was difficult for installers and salespeople to thrive during the off season. By signing on as an exclusive partner with BathWraps, P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc. has been able to add a year-round service to its lineup and build on BathWraps’ momentum.

Beyond those benefits and joining a network that’s made up of the country’s premier home improvement companies, BathWraps dealers gain access to the brand’s lead generation program, which is designed to provide their business with even more ways to grow and reach new customers. The dealers who sign on to work with BathWraps in New York City and Syracuse will also be able to receive up to 65 percent gross profit from their sales, with payment being received in under a month.

BathWraps dealers also benefit from the support of a strong corporate team that teaches and trains its partners how to install its products in just one day. That quick turnaround time has resulted in impressive success for businesses that replace windows, roofs and siding—adding BathWraps’ products and services to their lineups adds a revenue stream that’s available to leverage year-round. And because BathWraps’ products can be customized to suit any business model, there’s no restriction on the types of dealers who can add it to their portfolios in the metro New York market and its surrounding areas.

“We’re confident that New York will be a major state for the BathWraps brand going forward. The market is perfectly primed for growth, both in 2017 and beyond,” Craig said. “Our existing dealers have already proven that BathWraps’ products and services resonate in metropolitan areas, and this type of exclusive opportunity is hard to find anywhere else. That’s why we’re looking forward to bringing our services to New York.”