Kitchen Trends that Survive the Seasons

These exclusive tips from Janet Linly, president at Linly Designs, will help you achieve an up-to-date kitchen that lasts from season to season.

The kitchen is one of the most favored places in the home: it’s the central point for cooking, eating, enjoying a glass of wine and entertaining. While kitchen design trends are ever-changing, a remodeling process every couple of years can be both tiring and inconvenient. That’s why ESTATENVY sat down with Janet Linly, president at Linly Designs in Claredon Hills, Illinois, to learn her expert tips on how to give your kitchen a timeless yet modern-day look.


With contemporary trends in mind, Linly says her clients often request neutral or pale colored cabinets in their kitchens. “White cabinetry with white tiles and very neutral, natural materials have become a popular look,” said Linly. However, she’s also noticed a lot more clients jazzing up their subtle cabinetry by adding different jewel and gem accents to their kitchen design for a classy, dazzling aura. “We’re seeing a lot more shiny finishes on cabinetry and more of our clients are looking to introduce crystal and other ‘bling’ like jeweled hardware and matching chandeliers,” she said.


According to Linly, her clients are most loyal to granite as a countertop stone. “We have seen granite take the lead for countertop material over the past 15 years, and it’s still very popular due to its versatility and durability,” said Linly. Recently, though, Linly has also seen marble resurface as an adequate competitor for countertops as well. Marble provides a smooth, finished look to a kitchen countertop and ties in wonderfully with light cabinets and wall colors.


When it comes to added decor and accents, Linly suggests keeping it low-key. “The kitchen is the area of the home that I always suggest our clients think twice about before decorating their countertops with tons of clutter,” said Linly. “They’ll end up removing these in-the-way materials when ready to make dinner or entertain.”

She recommends storing things like flour and coffee in the pantry, utensils inside cabinets and only displaying pieces that will add color and interest to your kitchen. “As convenient as it is to keep utensils in a vase or container next to the stove, they may only collect grease and dust when not in use. Good design is important, but great design is beautiful and practical,” said Linly.

Things to Avoid

Linly warns those looking to update their kitchen to re-evaluate flipping through popular home magazines when looking for remodeling inspirations. “Homeowners need to be open-minded, as some houses in these outlets are twice the size of theirs or have a completely different aesthetic,” said Linly. “Outsourcing with a contractor is helpful because they come into your home and assess its over style, ultimately creating a specialized design plan for your kitchen.”

At the end of the day, you know your home’s design scheme best. Research different cabinetry, countertop and decor options for your home to come up with a beautiful, long-standing kitchen display.