Small Home Improvement Upgrades that Will Make a Big Difference

Looking to upgrade your home while avoiding the high expenses that often come with renovation? Follow this advice from home-improvement expert John Russo at Broeren Russo Builders Inc.

Upgrading your home can be a tireless effort that is both costly and time consuming. However, giving your home a little pick-me-up doesn’t always require spending thousands of dollars or having messy equipment invade your house. ESTATENVY sat down with John Russo at Broeren Russo Builders Inc., who shared some advice on how to remodel small areas in your home to avoid breaking the bank while still making a remarkable upgrade.

When it comes to remodeling, you want to be smart with your choice in room and area. “The easiest parts of the house to remodel are rooms that don’t need any modification of your plumbing pipes,” said Russo. “Rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and sun rooms are simpler spaces you can remodel that do not require the extent of work that a kitchen or bathroom renovation would.”

While kitchen and bathroom upgrades are most appealing to homeowners, you don’t need to renovate the entire room to make a change to the interior of your home. Russo says that simply adding a new countertop can be a great way to offer an effective visual change in a kitchen.

“Granite or quartz countertop is much more appealing than a laminate countertop, and while these materials can be costly, you’ll still save a lot more time and money by not renovating your entire kitchen area,” said Russo.

Other small projects that homeowners can consider for quick yet effective renovations for their homes include switching out light fixtures, replacing door hardware or adding a fresh coat of paint to their walls. “These small, cosmetic upgrades can also be completed by the homeowner to save them some additional money, and can still change the look of a room,” said Russo.

When it comes to building a home, many important details can often be overlooked by homeowners or builders, leading to the need for renovation down the line.

“With newer homes, some builders try to cut corners in buildings and hope that the buyer does not catch them doing so,” said Russo. “An example of this is when its mechanical system.”

Several of these instances can be fixed in a remodel, which can also be used as an opportunity to upgrade other interior areas of your house.

“If you need to go in and rework the structure of your home due to a mistake made during the building stages, it’s a good idea to also other renovations done at the same time,” said Russo. “That way you’ll save time by taking on two or more projects at once.”

Russo’s main advice for homeowners is to speak with an experienced contractor before engaging in any type of remodeling. These professionals can offer their insight and inspect the home to point out any unforeseen issues that the homeowner may have missed.

“Even what seems like the simplest upgrade for a home can cause major issues if there is an underlying, unknown structural issue that can turn a little pick-me-up project into a complete home renovation fiasco,” said Russo.