The Top 4 Luxury Home Items Worth Saving For

Even if your home isn’t designed to be completely luxurious, experts recommend splurging on a few things to take your décor to the next level.

Living in a luxury home doesn’t mean that you need to have unlimited space and high-end amenities. Regardless of your home’s size and your personal budget, there are items you can decorate with that have been proven to add a pop of luxury to any space. And according to Rae Duncan of Rae Duncan Interior Design, some of those items are worth splurging on.

ESTATENVY spoke with Duncan to determine which items are worth a higher price tag when it comes to adding luxury items into your home. From top quality fixtures to curtains and drapery, here are the top four home items that go a long way when adding a little luxury to your space.

Bedding: Because bedrooms are one of the most used rooms in a home, it’s important for homeowners to decorate them with items that they love. And when it comes to luxurious details, quality bedding is worth the investment. As HGTV points out, we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, and the right bedding can promote a good night’s sleep.

Light Fixtures: Lighting has the ability to determine a home’s atmosphere and environment. That’s why it’s worth spending money on the right light fixtures for your space.

Frames: The artwork and photographs that are displayed in a home add a personal touch to spaces that can’t be mimicked by anything else, and the frames that hold them are just as important. Investing in quality frames that will last a lifetime ensures that your home has luxury accents that can tie a room and overall design together.

Window Curtains and Drapery: Windows are another fixture in a home that can’t be overlooked. Because curtains and drapery can be seen from a home’s interior and exterior, it’s beneficial to have luxurious ones that are both inviting and welcoming.