4 Luxury Trends You'll Be Seeing in 2018

As 2018 is just around the corner, ESTATENVY looks at trends that are predicted to gain momentum over the coming year...

2017 is almost over. This year saw the elimination of espresso almost completely from flooring, moving to gray. It also saw the dominance of the white kitchen go away. Classics are in, and the space race look of the early 2010’s home is now starting to show its age. As 2018 is just around the corner, ESTATENVY looks at trends that are predicted to gain momentum over the coming year:

  1. “Who I am” houses. This type of house is not just a custom-built home. Traditionally, a home is considered an investment, but with luxury homes, owners often pay, or risk, a premium to customize their space in a way that doesn’t take future buyers into account. The reason is largely because they can afford to do so. However, the new version of custom homes isn’t largely about the tangible items in the home; it’s what they say about the owner. Therefore, we’ll see an increase in sustainably-built houses, for example. These homes say that the owner, while wealthy, chooses to consume in a manner than has future generations in mind. Increased use of solar panels and sustainable landscaping, such as planting perennials, are examples of such choices.

  2. Distressed plank flooring. Even though barnwood had, and continues to have, its moment, the use of barnwood has largely been above the floor height, such as on walls and using sliding barnwood doors. This trend is moving to the floors. If genuine, it has a look of sustainability, and insinuates that the owner is repurposing forest that has already been consumed once and celebrating a pastoral life that may be far from the location of the owner’s luxury home. While tasteful, this flooring is tricky because boards may be uneven and care must be taken to fill in gaps for the safety and health of the household.

  3. A shift to buyers and easier financing. The housing market on the whole is expected to move to a buyer’s market by 2019, and currently in 2018 lenders are lending more than ever in recent years to qualified luxury buyers. Lending limits and terms were so restrictive during the Great Recession, but now banks are finding ways to loosening lending rules once more to those who want more house but still want to keep their cash. At the same time, current owners of luxury homes who are looking to sell in the next year or two should consider being smart with any added investments into their homes, knowing they may not recoup their investment on the event of a sale.

  4. More color; more wallpaper. While the wallpaper books of the ‘80’s and the Waverly patterns that once dominated many a household will probably not make a comeback anytime too soon, wallpaper does once again have a place in today’s homes. That’s not new but it’s moving more mainstream in 2018. While still currently restricted to rooms with smaller square footage, like bathrooms, graphic designers have come a long way in stretching their expertise in taking wall designs for commercial use and bringing them into residences. Street artists decorating an urban garage is a sign of status. Once white kitchens are popping with color. After white and yellow on gray has died down mostly, the call is here to brighten up. Not 80’s neon, but 2020 diversity.