Top 10 Things to Serve at a Holiday Party

Looking for Unique yet Festive Menu Items for your Holiday Party? The Owner of Taste of Home Catering Is Sharing Expert Food Advice

As the holidays near, it’s time to start planning your annual wintertime gathering. While winterizing your home with decor and a holiday-themed playlist are important, the main event of any memorable holiday party is always the tasty food spread. However, with dozens of parties taking place almost every weekend in November and December, it can be tough to find creative menu items that your guests won’t be sick of by the time they arrive at your gathering. To give your holiday menu spread a fresh, festive flare, Taste of Home Catering Owner Donna Musillami has shared the top 10 menu items and ideas to feature at your 2017 holiday gathering.

Appetizer Buffet

Self-serving is the latest trend in the food and restaurant industry, and what better way to replicate this than by featuring a creative appetizer buffet for guests to choose from. “We suggest featuring a variety of items, including chopped salads with fruit, macaroni and cheese and other bulk fork friendly items,” said Musillami.

Charcuterie Displays

Charcuterie displays add a hint of sophistication to any holiday menu spread and are great for sharing. You can also offer a build-your-own charcuterie board with various meats, cheeses and bread to give guests variety.

Anything Beef Tenderloin

“Nothing says the holidays like beef tenderloin,” said Musillami. Items like beef tenderloin sliders are a great option for both catering or making at your home.

Holiday Snowman Cheeseball

“It’s almost too cute to eat,” said Musillami. Cheeseballs are a hit at any party and what better way to incorporate the festivity of the season than by putting a winterized spin on a favorite appetizer. Choose from several different types of cheeses and roll them into two to three balls. Stack the balls on top of one another and pair with various crackers.

Prosecco Bar

Adult beverages are a must-have for holiday parties and cocktails are an easy menu item to customize with holiday cheer. “You can create a Prosecco bar where guests can craft their own cocktail with various liquors and flavors,” said Musillami. “Include fresh assorted juices and seasonal berries in the spread as well to offer more flavor.”

Pot Roast Shepherd’s Pie

A wintertime classic, Shepherd’s Pie can be enjoyed by all at a holiday party. Musillami says that one of their most popular items for holiday catering is the pot roast Shepherd’s pie, as it adds a warm and rich taste to the holiday favorite.

Chocolate Dipped Fruit Wreath

“This is one of our most festive catering items,” said Musillami. Create an edible mini-wreath for guests with seasonal fresh fruits dipped in chocolate. Add powdered sugar or sprinkles for flavor.

Skewered Rosemary Shrimp with Pesto Garnish

Musillami says one of their clients’ favorite holiday menu items is also the skewered rosemary shrimp with pesto garnish. These are a great fit for an appetizer bar and serve as a healthier option without sacrificing taste.

Comfort Food

“Bland, healthier items like veggie platters are usually left untouched at holiday parties,” said Musillami. “Guests like to treat themselves when they are at a holiday party, so be sure to include plenty of comfort food dishes and tasty desserts to allow guests a tasty and plentiful menu spread.”

Linens and Decor

To go along with your holiday-themed menu spread, be sure to add plenty of festive decorations like candles, lights, table clothes and other winter-friendly decor.

With these helpful hints from Musillami, your holiday menu spread will have guests’ stomachs full and taste buds satisfied while enjoying time with good friends and family in the midst of the holiday spirit.