BathWraps Narrows in on Southern Florida for Next Dealer Partnership

Leading bathroom transformation company announces plans for growth in the Sunshine State

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In the wake of its recent acquisition by Jacuzzi, Inc., BathWraps, the leader in one-day bathroom transformations, is targeting Southern Florida for growth. Formerly operating as Liners Direct, BathWraps provides dealers an exclusive opportunity to distribute its bathroom transformations, as well as Jacuzzi® Walk-In Bathtubs. Once a partnership is established, the brand has a proven legacy of providing hands-on support and an additional revenue stream for business owners with similar home remodeling businesses.

Many of the BathWraps dealers also operate a one-day installation business like windows, roofing or sunrooms. And now, with successful dealer partnerships in several similar markets featuring older homes and warmer climates, vice president of sales Eric Bohner knows there’s no time like the present to strike the new market.

“Once we find that one qualified remodeling company to partner with, we know we will see immediate success in Southern Florida” said Bohner. “Every new company is a partner so we are looking for that perfect win-win relationship in Southern Florida. From there we will get moving with training, supply and lead generation.”

In Miami-Dade County specifically, 23.8 percent of homes were built between 1980 and 1989, the market is primed for an affordable bathroom remodeling solution. Full-blown renovations often become costly and time consuming, with Remodeling Magazine reporting the average midrange bathroom remodel in Miami costing $17,014. BathWraps offers a simple and cost-effective quick fix to a big problem – outdated and damaged bathrooms. And with such a simple solution at such a high-demand in places like Southern Florida, where most of the homes were built more than two decades ago, the timing for a dealer partner is better than ever.

BathWraps has proven time and time again that the model works with dealers who are looking to diversify portfolios in various markets across the country. Take Larry Chavez, Sr. for example, founder, president and CEO of Dreamstyle Remodeling, a leading remodeling company in Southwestern U.S. that previously focused solely on sunrooms. Chavez was hoping to diversify his offering to potential customers and open up opportunities in other areas of the home. Thus, he partnered with BathWraps, and the bathroom transformation sector of business quickly became a major factor in the success of Dreamstyle Remodeling.

“The home remodeling market is very fragmented, but kitchen and bath are the biggest segments. That’s why there is such a demand for the BathWraps,” Chavez said. “When we first became a BathWraps dealer, BathWraps was our expansion product – the one we thought we could rely on most to expand our current network and break into new markets. We had a good first impression with them, we liked their product and we had a feeling they could help us with marketing. All of that has proven to be true, and now we see them as a big part of our future.

To partner with BathWraps, there are no start-up fees and each marketplace is protected for the company partner. With the right tools and support, Southern Florida is ripe for growth.

“We continue to generate tons of leads in Southern Florida, but haven’t found that perfect partner just yet,” said Bohner. “With the thriving population filled with both part-time and full-time residents, there is incredible opportunity as far as a customer base and any partner will have the rights to strong territories.”

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