How Real Estate Brokers Win at Social Media: Joe Manausa

Joe Manausa of Joe Manausa Real Estate shares why social media is integral for brand exposure.

How do you engage with your customers most frequently?

I take a 3-pronged approach when it comes to engaging with clients. Even though internet marketing is vital in today’s real estate business, you cannot overlook the importance of personal interaction. So, I still make it a priority to call past, present and potential clients. Also, Joe Manausa Real Estate hosts various customer appreciation activities throughout the year to engage with clients. In November, my team personally delivered over 200 pumpkin pies for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

The second method I use to interact with customers is through social media, primarily Facebook and my blog. My Joe Manausa Facebook page has almost 8,000 highly engaged followers who like, comment and share the “For Sale” listings, which helps the company sell more houses faster than any other brokerage in Tallahassee. I use the blog to share information about the housing market, which many industry professionals from around the world read and follow.

The last way I engage with customers is through e-mail marketing. While I’ve heard some say “e-mail is dead,” I’ve not found this to be the case. By crafting relevant, personalized messages, I have found my open and click-through rates to be higher than the industry standard.

What is the greatest challenge in reaching and engaging with your audience?

The digital world is constantly changing, and it seems, at the speed of lightning. Therefore, it’s important to conduct research to determine where your audience is spending their time online and what they’re looking for.

Once you’ve answered these two questions, you must continue to provide relevant, newsworthy content on a regular basis. Keep in mind, just because something works now, doesn’t mean it’ll work a year, a month or even a day from now. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and all the other social media players constantly tweak their algorithms, which can have an impact on who sees your content and how frequently.

It’s also important to keep the “tune out factor” in mind. Joe Manausa Real Estate keeps a consistent message, while changing up the visual look of our content from time to time, to ensure it’s eye-catching and people at least pause before they continue scrolling.

Do you use social media more for brand exposure or for industry networking purposes?

I use social media for marketing purposes. The goal at Joe Manausa Real Estate is to sell houses quickly and for more money than any other broker in town, so using Facebook ads to share new listings means more people see the house for sale and as a result, the seller gets more offers. Of course, the side effect of this marketing is brand exposure and awareness. Because we have such a strong presence on Facebook, people are more inclined to recognize our offline marketing efforts, like our radio advertisement and TV commercials.

What is your best advice for a new real estate broker looking to build a presence on social media?

You’ve got to be willing to spend the money and invest the time to grow your channels. Only about 5% of a company’s organic posts are seen on Facebook, so even if you’re posting 100 times a day, your effort is worthless because no one is going to see it.

Similarly, if you are spending money to advertise, but you aren’t taking the time to monitor what ads are performing well versus the ones aren’t, then you’re throwing money out the window.

How has social media helped you with business development?

Over the last year, social media marketing has helped Joe Manausa Real Estate double its sales. Today, 94% of home buying searches begin online, so it’s more important than ever before to not just have social media accounts but to maintain it by creating new content and posting regularly.

What is the most successful platform for your brand, and why do you think that it appeals to your audience the most?

A large portion of the Facebook demographic are females between the ages of 30-49 years old. Consequently, that is also the target demographic for the majority of real estate agencies in Tallahassee, Florida, which is why Joe Manausa Real Estate focuses a lot of marketing effort on Facebook.

Do you ever collaborate with other brokers / businesses on your social channels to increase visibility? Why or why not?

Occasionally I collaborate with other businesses on social media because cross-promotion allows for a larger group of people to see the content that Joe Manausa Real Estate is sharing. However, I am very picky about who I collaborate with. There needs to be a mutual benefit for both parties. If a business has low engagement on their social media platforms or only a few followers, it’s not cost-effective or time-effective to collaborate with them.

Do you promote your social channels anywhere other than your website? (Ex: Business Card, Email Signature, etc.)

In addition to promoting the Joe Manausa blog, Facebook and Twitter pages on my website, I also have it on my business card and printed on the materials provided to buyers and sellers during initial consultation meetings. In all fairness, though, I go through less than 10 business cards per year. I just don’t really hand them out like I used to.