5 Tips to Stay Decluttered & Chic in the Winter

Home staging expert and interior decorator Janine Callahan shares insight on how to keep your home tidy & in-style during the coldest months

It’s wintertime, and homeowners in cold weather regions may find their humble abodes hoarded with heavy boots, coats, snow pants and - not to mention - the slush and dirt that all of your winter gear drags into your home.

To keep your residence looking clean amongst all the clutter the winter season brings, Showhomes Franchise owner Janine Callahan takes us on a home walkthrough to share how to make sure all aspects of it appear neat and chic.

1. The First Impression

Janine said that both guests and potential buyers notice imperfections in a home the minute they pull up to the driveway. “It comes down to something as simple as a rusty mailbox that can cause your entire home to look unkempt,” said Janine. “As the snow begins to melt, make sure there is no debris scattered in the yard.” According to Janine, the entire walkway from your curb to the front-door should be squeaky clean. While this can be difficult in the winter due to dirty slush from the snow and no greenery or flowers to spruce up your landscape, it’s still important to keep your front lawn as tidy as possible.

2. Entryway

When visitors or prospective homeowners open the front door, they should immediately feel like they’ve walked into a wonderland of warmth and comfort. Janine suggests using a trendy, dark area rug for guests to dry their shoes on instead a fluffy piece that will collect dirt from winter boots. “We also advise not to overwhelm guests with scents,” said Janine. “While soft smells can be comfortable, it’s important not to overuse Glade or Febreze products.” Janine recommends fresh flowers or gentle odor removing products.

3. Living and Dining Rooms

In areas that are used often by the family, Janine advises making sure all furniture and decor is in good repair with little damage. “Never try to cover up any flaws in your home,” she explained. “If there is a stain on your carpet, don’t try to put anything over it. Your guests or potential buyers will wonder what else you’re hiding in your home.” Instead, Janine suggests being proactive and replacing items or cleaning dirty spots prior to welcoming others into your home.

4. Bathrooms

Your bathroom will naturally be the dirtiest spot in your home. However, because restrooms are also a lot smaller in size than other areas in your house, they’re also a lot easier to keep clean. “Store cleaning products underneath your sink or in a nearby closet so you can immediately clean toothpaste or soap that gets stuck to your vanity area,” said Janine.

5. Mudrooms

If your mudroom is on the first floor, it might also be a common entryway into your home. In this case, especially focus on keeping the area tidy. Janine suggests using decorative or woven baskets to keep items like shoes, hats or scarves off of the floor. “Baskets with lids often offer more storage and can keep things looking pristine in a mudroom,” said Janine.

While a home is meant to be lived in, it’s always more comfortable for both those occupying and visiting a home to feel like they’re in a clean and pleasant environment. By following these helpful hints from Janine, your house will be looking fresh and beautiful despite the murky winter weather outside.