The Case for Fake Grass

When it makes sense for your yard and what type to get.

Synthetic turf is no longer just for golf courses and football fields. Many homeowners are adopting the “fake it till you make it” lifestyle when it comes to their yards by filling spaces with artificial grass. But how do you know if the faux grass trend is right for your yard? ESTATENVY sat down with Perfect Turf founder Dave Sternberg to get the answers.

How can someone detect if fake grass is right for their space/yard?

I suggest asking yourself some starter questions, like do you have one or more dogs? Dogs drive the great majority of all residential installations since people get tired of burned out and torn up lawns, and – not to mention - their muddy paws that need to be cleaned each time our furry friends come in from outside. The next question is do you have grass that just doesn’t grow due to trees, bad light conditions, bad drainage conditions, etc.? Anywhere you want grass in places it just won’t grow is a good candidate for synthetic turf (aka artificial grass, aka “astroturf”) Do you have a lot of foot traffic in the area? That typically kills the grass, but synthetic turf can handle it.

What kind of fake grass do you recommend?

Landscape grass is best for front yards and playgrounds. We also have turf for dog facilities that put 100 dogs a day on 2,000 square feet of turf. For rooftops, we offer products that help control heat and reflective light from adjacent windows can become an issue. For common, everyday application, there are usually 3-5 specially-designed turfs that are best for that situation.

What are the benefits of having fake grass?

To put it simply, it saves money and time. You can say goodbye to mowing, regular watering, fertilizers and pesticides. Faux grass allows homeowners to spend time enjoying their yard instead of working on it. It’s also healthy. Who wants their kids and dogs playing on grass with fertilizers and pesticides? With synthetic turf, you don’t need any chemicals on your lawn and you are not likely to see any bugs in your grass. Synthetic turf looks great all the time with very little maintenance.

Are there any drawbacks?

All synthetic turf gets hot in the sun. It cools off quickly by misting water on it. However, without a little sprinkle of water, you will not want to walk around on turf sitting in the sun in your bare feet!

Is it costly?

The range for turf, materials and installation can be as little as $6 per square feet for large areas, with even less expensive turf for roughly $15 per square feet for a small rooftop installation.

Overall, if you’re interested in synthetic turf in your outdoor space, you’ll likely want to turn to the professionals. If done correctly, faux grass can give your yard rich, full color all year long with little to no labor or money spent.

Thinking of buying? Here is a list of distributors to get you started: Perfect TurfSylawnRug ZoomGlobal Syn-TurfSynthetic Grass WarehouseXGrassPro GreenTurf OutletSynthetic Turf InternationalEasy Turf