The Top 10 Must-Follow Gardening and Landscaping Instagram Accounts

Are you in need of some gardening and landscaping inspiration? ESTATENVY recommends following these 10 Instagram accounts.

In today’s digital-centric world, when people are looking for a little bit of inspiration, the first place that they check is social media. That’s especially true when it comes to gardening and landscaping — checking out pictures of what other people and professionals are doing in their own backyards is a great place to find ideas to bring back to your own home.

Because it’s platform is based on visuals, Instagram has become one of the top tools for gardening and landscaping pros looking to show off their designs. ETATENVY rounded up the top 10 accounts to follow if you’re in need of some gardening and landscaping inspiration.

1. The Jungalow

The Jungalow, which is run by Justina Blakeney, is an account that brings nature and nature-inspired decor together. Between the account’s vibrant colors and “decorate wild” theme, The Jungalow is a great source of inspiration for people looking to find unique and creative ways to use stunning gardens and nature to enhance both their indoor and outdoor spaces.

2. Longwood Gardens

Located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, Longwood is one of the most well-known gardens in the world. And its gardens go beyond the traditional blooms— Longwood Gardens also hosts events and educational courses to help further connect people with nature. Through its Instagram handle, @longwoodgardens, this account is able to showcase all that it has to offer to the masses.

3. Debby Tenquist

Debby Tenquist is the landscaper behind Botanica Trading. Her Instagram account showcases both gardens and landscaping designs without focusing in on a certain style. This wide range of imagery makes it the perfect account to follow for people who unsure of their preferences and are trying to determine what they want their outdoor living space to become.

4. Better Homes & Gardens

It’d be hard to make it through a list of the best gardening and landscaping accounts to follow without mentioning Better Homes & Gardens. The publication has become a leading source of inspiration for gardeners and landscapers worldwide, and through its social media presence, it’s now able to offer quick, at-a-glance looks into the top trends in gardening and landscaping today.

5. Urban Gardeners Republic

While a lot of gardening and landscaping social media accounts focus on vast areas of land, Urban Gardeners Republic recognizes that not every gardening enthusiast has a lot of space at their disposal. This account is instead focused on how people can integrate gardening and landscaping trends into their own spaces, even if they’re in the heart of a city. One look at this Instagram page will prove that greenery can have a place in unexpected places.

6. Insta Gardeners

For those just starting to dive into gardening and landscaping, Insta Gardeners is a must-follow account. This page posts gardening pictures daily, ensuring that its followers get a dose of inspiration without being overwhelmed. It also offers a platform for gardeners to be featured on its page, meaning that Insta Gardeners followers are seeing pictures from all sorts of outdoor spaces.

7. Chicago Botanic

Chicago is the first of two Botanic Garden accounts to make this list. What makes this account a must-follow is its mix of nature photos with educational infographics and videos, enabling its followers to be inspired while also learning something new.

8. Gardenista Sourcebook

Run by the team behind Gardenista, this Instagram account serves as the visual, social media component to the blog’s helpful content. This account — and blog — is dedicated to helping followers make their outdoor living spaces an extension of their homes. This content is also designed with both experts and beginners in mind, making it a good follow for a wide range of people.

9. House and Garden UK

In addition to Better Homes & Gardens, House and Garden UK is another publication that offers a lot of inspiration for those interested in landscaping and gardening. Through its Instagram account, the magazine brings its monthly issues to life with nature-focused images as well as pictures demonstrating how to incorporate nature into the home.

10. Brooklyn Botanic

Brooklyn is the city behind the second Botanic Garden account to make this list. The reason for this is that the account goes beyond its gardens — Brooklyn Botanic also showcases the events held at its gardens on its Instagram feed, making it an engaging account for its social media followers.

Photo courtesy of The Jungalow Instagram Page.