How to Enhance Your Home's Curb Appeal with These 5 Easy Steps

ESTATENVY spoke with two home experts for the best advice on increasing your home’s exterior value

Spring has sprung, the flowers are in bloom, and the peak selling season has all but arrived. And while it is easy to focus on the big kitchen renovation or color palette overhaul inside your home, it is equally essential that your home measures up where prospective buyers will get their first impression: the initial curb appeal.

ESTATENVY recently sat down with a real estate agent and a landscaper to get each of their top tips for enhancing your home’s exterior before putting your pad on the open market:

Will Anstey, Owner & General Manager Devonshire Landscapes


  1. Go organic: Chemical dependency is hard on your lawn and garden. Stop the highs and lows of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and feed your soil with an organic fertilizer that will provide lasting and compounding benefits, albeit in slightly less dramatic fashion.
  2. Mulch: Spreading compost or bark on your beds will give you instant gratification by enhancing aesthetics as well as providing benefits like weed suppression, soil moisture conservation, and soil amendment. But remember to pull those weeds first.
  3. Plant some Perennials: Add some color that keeps coming back year after year. As opposed to popular annuals like Primroses and Petunias, plant things that will come back each Spring, year after year.
  4. Mulch mow: Don't bag your lawn clippings, get a mower or conversion kit that "grass-cycles" them into the perfect organic food for your lawn. It will also help with weed suppression and soil moisture preservation.
  5. Practice proper watering techniques: Check with your local municipality on proper and conservative watering practices. Our "Cool Season" grasses like Perennial Ryegrass here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest go naturally dormant in the summer during the dry season. Improper/irregular watering can bring them in and out of dormancy, and cause more stress to the grass plant than not watering at all during this time.


Kim Colaprete, Managing Broker of Team Diva Partners with Coldwell Banker Bain


  • Declutter: This goes for the outside as well as the inside. Remove any debris that has been cluttering up your yard – front, sides and back. This includes the driveway as well.
  • Flowers: Add some mulch and fresh flowers in the front yard to make photos pop. Adding beautifully planted pots full of colorful flowers, and placing them strategically, makes it look like you went the extra mile.
  • Remove dead or lackluster plants and weeds: Reseed bare lawns and make sure your lawn is mowed and watered regularly if possible before listing.
  • Lights: Update old porch light fixtures and make sure there is a brand new bulb in every light before you list your home.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint to the front door: This is the focal point of your home and will be the first thing they see before buyers enter your house. If it looks worn and dingy – they will be walking in with a negative vibe and be looking for signs of neglect in other areas of the home. If it’s bright and clean and newly painted – buyers will automatically think “these folks take care of their home.”