5 Plants That Will Thrive On Your Rooftop Garden

A North Suburban Florist Shares Her Top 5 Recommended Flowers and Plants to Grow on a Rooftop Garden this Summer

Summertime Chi is almost in full swing, which means it’s time for eateries, bars and homeowners to yet again open up their rooftops and patios for the season. While the weather in June, July and August in Chicago is as beautiful as ever, rooftop gardens should still be handled with care due to the infamous wind and unwelcoming thunderstorms that Midwestern summers bring.

To ensure your rooftop garden is looking colorful and lively this year, Estatenvy sat down with Lourdes Albrecht, owner at Heaven-Scent Flowers, who shared her expert advice on which plants and flowers look and function best on a terrace.

“Typically, whatever you plant in your backyard garden can be grown up on a high rise as well,” said Lourdes. “However, you’ll need the right soil and material to keep your greenery fresh and healthy.”

Lourdes’ top five plant recommendations include:


According to Lourdes, Petunias are a staple in Chicago gardens during the summer as they add a subtle yet eye-catching hint of color to any arrangement and tend to thrive in the sunshine. “If you have synthetic grass on your rooftop, Petunias are also commonly planted in pots which can add to the aesthetic of a roof with little furniture or decor,” said Lourdes. These flowers come in a variety of warm or pastel colors.


A classic flowering plant, daisies are soft and pretty on their own and serve as a dainty, neutral option when layering with other greenery. Low-growing flowers, reaching just four to six inches in height, Daisies also look nice when lining a walkway. “These little blooms are easy to maintain and appeal to those who prefer a simpler garden with more natural colors,” said Lourdes.


“Box plants provide a clean look to a landscape layout and look wonderful when big, bold flowers are placed throughout or surrounding the shrubs,” said Lourdes. Boxwoods are grown as hedges and typically survive year-round. Lourdes suggests pairing your boxwood plants with petunias or other bright colored annuals.


Known for their narrow yet fluffy petals, Zinnias are quirky flowers with an interesting shape and bold colors. “Zinnias are very popular in the summer,” said Lourdes. “They’re extremely vibrant flowers that serve as unique, yet charming addition to greeneries,” said Lourdes.


“While they look just like leaves, coleuses come in various colors and are an excellent complimentary flower,” said Lourdes. The plants are found in several different sizes and can either be deep and calming or loud and lively.

Other flowers that Lourdes offered as a good fit for summer gardens on the roof include Geraniums, Daylilies and Blackeyed Susans. With any greenery or landscape layout, it’s important to choose plants and flowers with colors and shapes that adhere to the theme of your home’s outdoor design scheme. However, your rooftop garden can blossom and thrive this summer by following Lourdes tips.