Top Real Estate Websites: Prime Real Estate/Lifstyl Real Estate

Managing broker Mags Lybolt tells ESTATENVY how Prime Real Estate/Lifstyl Real Estate best promotes its website and digital platform.

In today’s digital-centric world, a strong presence online can make or break a business. That’s especially true in the real estate industry, given that the home buying and selling processes often begin with online research. Because a real estate company’s website is often the first point of contact for prospective customers, it’s critical to ensure that a good first impression is being made.

One real estate firm that excels when it comes to its website and digital content is Prime Real Estate/Lifstyl Real Estate. This Chicago-based company is leveraging its online presence as it looks to expand nationwide, which is why the site includes intuitive links out to social platforms and video content. Backed by a website that’s designed to encourage customer interaction, Prime Real Estate/Lifstyl Real Estate is making the most of what its online platform has to offer.

To learn more about this website design and gain insight into its performance, ESTATENVY spoke with Mags Lybolt, Managing Broker of Prime Real Estate/Lifstyl Real Estate.

Who designed your website?

Our website,, was designed by our Marketing Director Andrew Knies.

What is the main goal of your website?

Our website’s goals are to funnel visitors to buy homes, sell homes or join our company.

Why do you think your website stands out from the pack?

First and foremost, typical real estate brokerages use generic templated website products. Our website is a custom build that serves our needs, as well as the needs of consumers while withholding our brand standards. This also allows us to showcase our company’s culture through imagery and social media integration.

Why is it important to have a quality website in the real estate industry?

Lead generation. Consumers are savvy enough to do their research. Your website is often your first impression. You want to build credibility from the start. Also, you want to be able to attract new agents and share what your brokerage has to offer.

What is the most important feature of your website?

The most important feature of our website is the user experience. We need consumers to register on our website and remain on our site. However, we are most proud of our blog. On our blog, we update multiple times a week with videos we create, industry trends, company news and new hire information.

How do you promote your website?

We promote our website by consistently linking it to posts on our social media accounts. We currently have an ad spend with Google and social media channels as well.

What are the 3-5 key elements that must be included on a real estate website?

Key elements to include on a real estate website are:

  1. IDX/RETS Feed: Rather than visitors going to the MLS to view properties for sale, this will allow visitors to search for homes on your website.

  2. Buyer/Seller Landing Pages: These pages will help with lead generation.

  3. Social Proof: It is also important to add testimonials and reviews to your website.

  4. Video: We have dedicated a sidebar on our blog to post our company’s videos regularly. Adding videos can encourage visitors to stay longer on your website.