Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal With These Easy (and Cheap) Steps

Real Estate experts weigh in on simple, cost-effective steps homeowners can take during the selling process

We’ve all heard it our whole lives: first impressions are everything. Every day, the initial encounters we have color the lens with which we view them going forward, and it's no different when it comes to selling your home. Enticing potential buyers from the first moment they come into contact with your home is imperative to the success of your home sale, and the experts agree: the importance of curb appeal cannot be understated.

As important as it is to position your home for success on the market, it’s tough to justify huge upgrades in an already expensive process. Fortunately, nailing your home’s first impression doesn't have to break the bank thanks to these helpful tips. ESTATENVY caught up with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services professionals who shared some of their go-to ways to easily enhance curb appeal. Both award-winning real estate agents with KoenigRubloff Realty Group, Martha May and Brandy Isaac know what it takes to sell a home.

Create excitement with your front door

“The entrance sets the tone for rest of the home. You want it to reflect feel of the interior,” Isaac said. A distinct front door will stand out in photos and look even better in person. Updating the front door achieves the same effect as painting the entire exterior of your home for only a fraction of the cost. “One gallon of paint can make a world of difference,” Isaac added.

May commented that she has recently seen the previous dominance of red and blue doors give way to a higher prevalence of charcoal grey and black doors. Whatever the color you choose, her advice is simple: Don’t let it scream. “Choose a color that compliments the color of your home. The most important thing is making sure your color palette flows.”

Isaac also pointed out that changing out or painting the hardware on your door is a quick way to refresh an entrance at a discounted rate. She suggested overhauling dated builder’s brass using spray paint for a matte black finish.

Revamp address numbers

Eye-popping address numbers can not only help potential buyers locate your home with ease, but create visual interest without much of an expense. “So often, sellers have dated or hidden address numbers that hinder people’s ability to view them from the street, which is surprisingly important,” May said. “New house numbers spruce up the look and feel of any home with relative ease.”

“New house numbers are so inexpensive! They are an almost instant way to modernize your home’s exterior,” Isaac said.

Amplify Exterior Lighting

Both experts find that their clients fail to consider a nighttime drive-by, which can have just as much of an impact on potential buyers as your home’s look during the day. Spotlights and solar lights are effective and economical.

“Good lighting is so important, but also budget-friendly. Solar lights can align walkways, while spotlights are great for highlighting trees and door numbers. If you don't want to invest in new light fixtures, spray paint sconces to add drama,” Isaac suggested.

Fine-tune Landscaping

While it seems like a no-brainer to make sure your lawn is cut and weeds are pulled, some sellers neglect even these basic steps when it comes to landscaping. May and Isaac agreed there's no need to invest in professional services when you can just put in some elbow grease, noting that even a simple pressure washing can make a world of difference.

May recommended seeking out some cheap shrubbery at your local home improvement store, at the very least, adding, “A seasonal wreath on the door, flower pots any time of year, or maintained window boxes can brighten the facade of home at a low cost to the seller.”

To stress the importance of a manicured exterior, May concluded, “A good home with no landscaping creates an unattractive perception in a buyer’s eyes from first sight, devaluing even the best interiors.”