These Holiday Decorations and Displays = Goals

Get inspired to channel your inner Clark Griswold this holiday season.

There’s one in just about any neighborhood. That family that goes all out every holiday season with a garish display of lights and ornaments and more that earn many a wondrous stare from a passing driver. Forget about “Getting into the holiday spirit.” These people ARE the holiday spirit.

Here are just some of the most elaborate holiday decorations we’ve seen. We’re not saying you should copy these folks down to the last twinkling light, but maybe they’ll encourage us all to step up our game just a bit.

The home of “Mr. Christmas” in Richmond, Virginia

Frank J. Hudak, Jr. has been lighting up his home every year for more than 40 years now. For several years, he’s even collected donations for the Virginia Home for Boys and Girls. Can’t beat the extravagance AND the dedication to a good cause!

Pretty much any house in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

The affluent neighborhood is famous for its extravagant Christmas decor. It’s so crazy that there are even guided tours to ensure that holiday enthusiasts don’t miss any of the beauty. Now that’s being thoughtful!

This house in Plantation, Florida

Who says elaborate Christmas decor is only for warm-weather homes? Mark and Kathy Hyatt’s elaborately-decorated Florida home is so out there that they’ve even faced legal troubles over it. Yet another example of dedication to the holiday spirit!

This Tinley Park home

Dominic Kowalczyk owns three houses in a row, and every Christmas he transforms all of that land into a winter wonderland. You don’t have buy up all of the property in your area to do the same (unless you want to, we won’t judge) but maybe this will churn up some ideas.

A Harry Potter Christmas tree

One superfan in Seaham, England takes her Potter obsession to a whole new level. She even puts up decorations for all four Hogwarts houses - including her own adopted house, Slytherin. We’re sure J.K. Rowling approves.

Celebrity Christmas trees and holiday decorations

Thanks to social media, we can now see what celebs are up to during the holiday season. This Architectural Digest article shows off some celebrity Christmas trees and holiday decor, and they do not disappoint.

Bottom line: When it comes to decorating your home for the holidays, you don’t have to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars to get into the spirit of things. If you have the means and the desire to splurge on decorating your property, then more power to you. And if you don’t, know that just a few well-placed items, from a nice wreath on your front door to a holiday-themed tablecloth to scented red and green candles, can be more than enough to achieve a level of awesomeness - and get into the holiday spirit!