Where Interior Designers Recommend Shopping for House and Home

Cast a wide net to find a variety of home furnishings to suit your budget and style

When it comes to looking for the best décor for house and home, it can be a challenge to discover the perfect furnishings that will bring your home to life. However, it can be a bit easier when you know where interior designers like to shop.

From big box stores to online retailers to department stores, the possibilities to find the right decor at the right price are endless. Whether you are looking for new pieces of furniture, carpet or even accessories to enhance the look of your home, there is not one best place to look. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Big box stores such as Ashley Furniture HomeStore offers a wide selection of interior and exterior furniture options, lighting, rugs and other home accessories. With over 800 locations worldwide, Ashley Furniture is a leader in the industry and continues to provide diverse design concepts for interior designers. Crate & Barrel also is a popular option amongst interior designers due to the brand’s influx of modern and minimalistic design. IKEA, a Swedish furniture retail company, can be an affordable destination if you aren’t looking to overspend as the store offers ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and other useful home goods.

However, there are companies such as Showhomes, who bring the expertise of the interior designer into your home.

“One of the best concepts about Showhomes is that we can do all the shopping for you,” said Showhomes franchisee Kim Odom. “We do love to shop local and support small businesses, but sometimes shopping can be a struggle. To find exactly what our clients are looking for, we are able to utilize online resources to order furniture, rugs, art, light and accessories to help achieve the home that our clients dream of.”

Shopping online can be easier from a convenience standpoint but can make it challenging for the buyer to know exactly what they are getting in a piece of furniture, texture of a carpet or shine of a fixture.

“Some fibers exhibit a lustrous sheen or have a softer hand,” said Robert Gould, Midwest regional sales manager at Stark Carpet. “Always touch and feel to determine if a carpet or rug is right for your space. How the carpet or rug is made is also important. The construction can denote the level of craftsmanship involved in the creation of the piece.”

Styles come and go in interior design as they do in fashion. However, one of the trends Odom and Gould both agreed on was that the traditional style of florals, lattices and orientals are becoming more updated in different color palettes.

“With paint colors, we are still leaning towards the neutral colors, but more color is starting to pick back up,” said Odom. “Navy is emerging as the hottest color this season as we are seeing it in kitchens, cabinets and even home offices.”

“We are beginning to see the trend of abstract designs fade out in favor of more traditional styles of the past such as florals and oriental rugs,” said Gould. “More colors such as navy, blue and grey are being seen with more of a distressed look which gives it an aesthetically pleasing modern twist.”

Whether the product is from a high-end design store or a department store like Target, the most important thing to consider is how the furnishing will complement the rest of the home.

“Homeowners want to enjoy the space without worrying if their lifestyle will affect the longevity of the textiles and furnishings in their home,” said Gould. “Look for colors that complement the other elements in the room or can provide the much-needed pop of color.”