What Will $1 Million Get You in Houston?

It can get you quite a lot, actually. Everything is bigger in Texas.

With more than 2.3 million residents, Houston the fourth most populous city in the United States as of July 2017, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Also known as Space City due to its being a major hub for NASA and space exploration work, Houston has a lot going for it. From a thriving economy to a dynamic arts scene to a crazy variety of food, Houston really does have something to offer everyone.

And don’t just think you’re stuck in the city. If it’s nature you’re craving (and there’s plenty of that within the city itself, mind you) you can easily make day trips to see gems such as the Sam Houston National Forest, the McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge, the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge and more.

Now that you’re sold on the city, let’s look at housing.

Redfin currently ranks Houston with a score of 69 and lists the city as being “Somewhat Competitive” in terms of housing, and says the average home price over the past month was $217,000. Homes typically receive two offers and sell for about three percent below the list price, while so-called “Hot Homes” sell for about the list price, according to the Redfin analysis.

This means that $1 million will likely get you quite a bit of bang for your buck.

For just $759,000, you can get this five-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion-type house listed on Zillow with a generously-sized swimming pool and hot tub. It has a three-car detached garage and a gorgeous second-floor balcony. Wherefore art thou, Romeo, anyone?

But if you’re really keen on spending your $1 million - and we at ESTATENVY wouldn’t judge you if you are - you can go for this four-bedroom, four-bathroom gem of a house listed on Zillow for $978,000. It does have its charm, and a more modest look to it, at least on the outside. There are three manicured patios and fresh landscaping, according to the listing, so bring on the housewarming parties! And the kitchen alone is drool-worthy.

For a solid $1 million, there’s this interesting-looking white house listed on Zillow. The house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, plus refinished hardwood floors, according to the listing. (It’s funny how the more expensive we’re getting, the less bedrooms and bathrooms there are, but to be fair, this house has some exceptionally spacious rooms.)

But fear not! $1 million can get you gorgeous digs and plenty of space for your large family or numerous visiting relatives.

Trulia lists a beautiful five-bedroom, four-bathroom house for $999,500. It was just built in 2001, and the listing description starts off with a subtle “NO FLOODING IN HARVEY” message (yes, it was in all caps), referring to the 2017 hurricane that devastated the area. Hey, when you live in Hurricane Alley, you want people to know when it WASN’T a bad thing.

If you don’t mind going just a tad over your budget, Trulia lists a lovely four-bedroom, four-bathroom Mediterranean-style house for $1,150,000. The house also comes with a brand-new swimming pool, as in, it was installed in June of 2018, according to the listing. Photos also show some very tasteful landscaping, and what appears to be the master bathroom is larger than many a studio apartment.

Whatever attracts you to the city, know this: Houston does have a dynamic housing market, and a whole lot to offer its residents. You can easily blow $1 million on a fancy-schmancy house, but for far less than that, you can still get something huge that will impress your people.