What $1 Million Will Get You in San Diego

But will there be sea lions?

With a population of 1.4 million as of July of 2017 according to the U.S. Census Bureau, San Diego is known for having gorgeous beaches (and amazing ecology in general), several well-known colleges and universities, a thriving craft beer scene, the San Diego Zoo and some pretty amazing food.

Oh, and seals and sea lions are regular views along the coast, with websites such as Scuba Diver Girls even listing 
the best places to watch them. (Just please don’t be THAT person who tries to hug one! Take your photo and skedaddle.)

Now for the houses.

lists San Diego as having a “Very Competitive” housing market, with homes usually receiving three offers and selling for about 1 percent below the list price. Fair enough. We’re talking about some prime real estate here. Not only is San Diego a paradise, it’s also within driving distance to some really cool stuff. (Think: Los Angeles, Mexico, forests and state parks galore, etc.)

A quick scan of popular real estate websites reveals that $1 million can get you quite the nice spread in San Diego.

Zillow lists 
a beautiful, spacious and airy three-bedroom, two-bathroom house for $810,000. There’s even a huge deck, and the listing describes the property as “extensively renovated,” which makes perfect sense. Just one look at this place and chances are you’ll see zero need to change it up.

If you don’t mind going just a bit over your $1 million budget, 
Trulia lists a gorgeous three-bedroom, three-bathroom property for $1,299,000. Clicking through the photos, it’s easy to see that this would be prime ground for entertaining lots of people. Just keep in mind they may never want to leave your gorgeous digs. (We certainly wouldn’t.)

If you don’t mind a house that’s going to be a bit of a fixer-upper, Redfin 
lists a lovely four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom house for $999,000. There’s a ton of space to work with, both inside and outside, and anyone with a knack for home design can easily see the possibilities. Indeed, this would be ideal for someone who actually wants to do a bit of refurbishment. Enjoy!

But if you really want to stick to your budget—and maybe even have some wiggle room for remodels, decorating, etc.—Redfin also lists 
this gem of a home for $900,000. With four bedrooms and two bathrooms, this house has lots of space, plus some pretty darn good curb appeal. The real cream of the crop, though, in our opinion, is the deck in the backyard. The listing describes the property as having “low maintenance landscaping,” and that definitely appears to be the case.

So there you have it! San Diego isn’t cheap, and you might have to compete with others for prime digs, but in the end, chances are you can get a lovely house that just might be within walking distance to the beach. Or at least a short drive. 

And if you get those sea lion and/or seal views, then you know you’ve REALLY made it!