Real Estate Leader Maurice Hampton Stays Passionate Thanks to a Commitment to Growing Communities

Hampton, a Chicago-based real estate broker, is the Co-Founder and CEO for CENTERED | RBG.

Maurice Hampton knows how to lead by example. Before merging offices with RCG advisors, Hampton owned and operated Centered International Realty for nine years, one of Chicago’s top-producing offices. Hampton is now the CEO of CENTERED | RBG, a leading brokerage firm “pillared on support, education and service.”

Hampton is a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) and is passionate about bringing his knowledge of global markets to his role as a professional mentor. He sits on numerous professional committees including the National Association of Realtors, Illinois Realtors and the Chicago Association of Realtors. Hampton told ESTATENVY how he got involved in the industry and what he’s learned so far.

EE: How did you first get involved with the real estate industry?

MH: I initially got involved by watching my great-grandmother, who invested in multi-unit properties throughout the southside of Chicago when I was a young person. That really inspired and excited me. Once I graduated college, I began investing in real estate myself and knew that this is what I wanted to do. I turned it into my full-time career.

EE: What do you love about the industry?

MH: I love that we get to help people find homes. I love how important and impactful our jobs are to society as a whole. Whether it’s a home, office space or any other piece of real estate, having the ability to buy and sell property provides a huge value to people. Being a part of that is so rewarding. It’s awesome for me.

EE: What do you wish you could change in real estate?

MH: I would like to see the real estate industry maintain its integrity by not being overtaxed for services. I’d also like to see the schools in communities thrive again and excel, and I’d like to see REALTORS®, government and communities really work together to achieve that. We need everyone involved.

EE: What's the biggest change you've seen in the industry since you started out?

MH: The biggest changes that I’ve seen are regulations and taxation on real estate. Increased property taxes, increased fees, increased transfer taxes. These things have become a burden. I don’t think Illinois should keep profiting off the backs of our homeowners.

EE: What excites you about the future of the industry?

MH: What excites me is seeing communities redevelop and become vibrant places to live, work and play. Real estate provides opportunities for transformation to the people in our communities. Frankly, that is what has always excited me about the real estate industry.