Pantone Color Report: Toffee is a Beautiful Choice for the Home

Toffee-colored fashion is all fine and dandy, but this versatile color would also look fabulous in the home.

Search for toffee-colored decorating ideas online and you’ll likely get quite a few candy recipes in your search results. Indeed, the word “toffee” itself may invoke images of old-fashioned treats, but the truth is that toffee is a versatile color that can look great in just about any room in the home.

That’s likely why when the Pantone Color Institute released its seasonal Fashion Color Trend Report, highlighting the top colors that will make a major splash in the spring and summer of 2019, toffee was one of its picks.

Toffee is a more neutral color that can make a statement without being too bold. The Pantone report stated that “deliciously irresistible, tasteful Toffee whets the appetite.”

Whets the appetite, indeed. Pinterest alone is filled with numerous toffee coloring ideas, whether it’s for an entire room, an accent wall or even just furniture pieces. For more ideas on furniture in the toffee-colored arena, one can even go to places such as Home Depot for ideas.

Home decor publications have been taking note of toffee even before the Pantone report came out. The color seems to be interchangeable and even grouped with other similar colors such as caramels. (Case in point: Valspar has a color named Caramel Toffee.”)

In a January 2019 Curbed report, interior designer Brian Dittmar pointed to Benjamin Moore’s Frosted Toffee as a preferred color choice.

“It's not quite beige and it's not quite gray, and it's not really taupe either. But it is a warm neutral and has a rosy glow at night,” Dittmar told Curbed. “Colors that you can't quite define are great options that don't box you into a certain color scheme.”

In a September 2016 post, the blog Daily Dream Decor featured a living room with toffee coloring galore, including a couch, wall and small standing cart.

In a 2014 post titled “Is Cognac Leather Furniture as Neutral as Denim? Yay or Nay,” color expert Maria Killiam mulled over toffee-colored leather and also referred to the color choice as cognac: “Cognac or caramel or toffee coloured leather is kinda as neutral as a pair of jeans. Now I’m talking leather mind you, if you get the same colour made up in a sofa, it just looks, well orange.”

In an August 2018 post about brown color ideas for the bedroom, home design website The Spruce pointed out a couple of toffee-related color possibilities: Behr’s Rustic Taupe and Glidden’s Warm Caramel.

“The name says it all,” the post stated about Warm Caramel. “As rich, warm, and comfortable as a delicious candy, Warm Caramel from Glidden is dark enough to make a statement on your walls, but not so dark that it overwhelms the space. It's a great color to mix with earthy oranges, golden yellows, deeper shades of brown, strong greens and warm reds.”

So there you have it! Pantone was definitely onto something when they picked out toffee as a top spring and summer possibility. The color might even prove to have year-round value in your home, whether you decide to paint that wall or buy that accent piece. So get out there and pick up some toffee-colored swatches and paint samples—and maybe some candy while you’re at it!