Pantone Color Report Brings a Playful Pop to Your Look and Space with Aspen Gold

Pantone 13-0850, a “sunny” hue that “stimulates feelings of joy and good cheer,” will be big in 2019.

Ahead of the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter fashion seasons, a coveted palette of trend-driving hues are announced by the Pantone Color Institute. The Pantone colors are projected to be the stars of style and design, featuring prominently in a slew of international fashion shows ushered in by New York Fashion Week. The handpicked hues also dominate style-savvy decorating the world over—so much so that the Pantone Color Institute also releases SMART color swatches to serve as the cotton standard for apparel and textiles.

This spring, Pantone has characterized the style landscape as one of “playful expressionism [that] encourages an unrestrained and experimental approach to color.” The Pantone colors for 2019 break down into “lively hues” and “neutrals,” and in the former category, lemony-sweet Aspen Gold makes a bright and buttery statement.

Pantone writes: “Brightening our day, sunny Aspen Gold stimulates feelings of joy and good cheer.” Despite the inclusion of “gold” in the title, this hue is more closely related to canary yellow than a metallic tint. That said, the color features a just-barely-there topaz base, much like one would see in the sunlight tracing Aspen’s snowy peaks or gilding the leaves in the fall.

A hue as vibrant as Aspen Gold is hardly lonely on 2019 Colors list: Pantone also included juicy picks like Fiesta, Living Coral and Turmeric.

“Playful” and “experimental” certainly are the words of the year when it comes to style and design, and the Spring 2019 collections that first stomped the runway at New York Fashion Week last September are no exception. Keep your look glowing in the classic silhouettes and unexpected pattern play of Carolina Herrera, or exude ethereal vibes in this actual dream gown from Christian Siriano. Take note from the 2017–2018 monochrome trend with Christopher John Rogers’ professional-meets-playful 2019 Spring look in allout Aspen Gold, or play up a feminine look courtesy of Altuzarra’s floral offerings.

For dramatic design inspiration, take a peek at this sunny-side-up space from Kips Bay Show House Palm Beach, as featured on Habitually Chic (minimalists need not continue).

However, if full-scale fronds aren’t quite your style, fear not—there are still lots of ways to bring a buttery pop to your space. As a near-match to primary yellow, Aspen Gold works great in bauhaus, mid-century modern and modern decor schemes. Capture the verve of the first two movements with a bright Kandinsky print, or go with a modern room-anchoring statement piece like an Aspen Gold sofa.

For even more ideas—like how to deploy Aspen Gold to create spaces ranging from cozy to elegant—check out this Better Homes & Gardens write-up of decorating with bright yellow.

If the 2019 Pantone Color Report tells us anything, it’s that “an experimental approach to color” is all the rage this year. Grab a SMART swatch and get playful!