Cover Your Home in Coziness: Top 10 Decorating Tips for an Abode To Curl Up In

This fall, fill your space with pumpkin-spiced scents, fleece throws and puffy pillows.

Need an excuse to visit Home Goods or IKEA and splurge on a few (or several) new home decor pieces? Fall is here and there’s no better time to cozy-up a place than the start of a new season. There’s something about autumn that makes this writer want to curl up on a plush couch surrounded by pillows galore with a Starbucks PSL in hand––and maybe watch a season or two of Friends.

According to blogger and author Liz Marie Galvan, creating a cozier and more comfortable environment in your home doesn’t need to be an expensive project. Her interest in home decor began when she was a little girl; while kids her age were watching cartoons, Galvan was watching design shows. Galvan’s passion prompted her to write her own book, Cozy White Cottage: 100 Ways to Love the Feeling of Being Home. If there’s anyone who knows anything about cozying up a space, it’s Galvan.
How does one master the style of “coziness,” per se? Look no further.
1. Declutter
We get it––letting go of that 10-year-old teddy bear that’s been taking up a cushion on your couch is hard. Try tucking it away in your storage closet or attic to free up sitting space for your guests. This tip goes for all items that aren’t necessary to have on display.
“The first step is to declutter and only keep what you love and truly makes you happy,” said Galvan. “Then, put your space back together how you and your family truly use it.”
2. A natural color palette
Minimalism is the new show-stopping style that’s taking over the interior design world. Galvan is currently obsessed with covering her space with neutral colors. A neutral color palette goes beyond just white, black, gray and tan––you can incorporate muted pastels and different hues of nude to give your space a cozy ambience.
“I personally like to start with a neutral base and work off that,” said Galvan. “I find neutrals very calming and that’s what I look for in a cozy space.”
In this instance, less is more.
3. Trendy throw pillows and blankets
Who wouldn’t want to dive into a sea of pillows after coming home from a long day’s work? There’s no such thing as too many throw pillows––at least in this writer’s opinion. If you have a couch, chair or bed that you’re not completely in love with, try dressing it up with a few fancy pillows and throws.
“You definitely don’t have to do heavy-duty construction to make your home warm and cozy,” said Galvan. “I love to add in cozy basics such as pillows and throws throughout my home.”
4. Cover your walls with a new color or wallpaper
You’re going to want to grab your painting tools and slide into those well-loved overalls for this step. You don’t need to be a professional painter to give your living room or bedroom a new vibe with a coat of fresh color—just one of many budget-friendly home improvement hacks that almost anyone can do.
Feeling a little more fun and frisky? Add a pop of pattern to your wall with some stick-on wallpaper. Galvan says that adding a splash of color or hanging up wallpaper is a great and simple construction project that will leave your room feeling new and improved.
5. Fuzzy rugs
Whether you have carpet or hardwood floors, there’s always room for a rug. Your feet will thank you for rolling out a rug under a family room coffee table, in front of the bathroom sink or next to your bed. Sometimes all your tile floors need is a tufted tassel rug to keep cozy.
6. More candles
Having a sweetly scented candle burning in each of your rooms is a must for a cozy abode. If you want to fool your guests into thinking you’ve just been baking pumpkin pies and apple cider doughnuts all day, there’s an abundance of fall-scented candles that can accompany your coffee or kitchen table.
Can’t decide which scent to get? Galvan has laid out her favorite fall candles here.
7. Warm lighting
Imagine––you curl up in your living room chair with a fleece blanket and favorite book, but there’s one thing missing: lighting. Lamps are a bookworm’s best friend and can warm up a room with just the pull of a string. If you don’t have any floor space for lamps, consider a boho table lamp or vintage chandelier.
The modern farmhouse vibe is Galvan’s go-to design style and she loves all of the lighting options that World Market has. According to Galvan’s blog, World Market has an impressive selection––”from boho to cottage to farmhouse to modern styles.”
8. Add in some natural elements
It’s all about bringing the outdoors in for this design tip. Go explore in your backyard for pinecones, unique scraps of wood and pine tree branches and create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece with Mother Nature’s treasures. All you’ll need is a spare basket or wooden box to create your own nature-infused centerpiece.
Galvan knows a thing or two about putting together a centerpiece. Her DIY rustic wood box centerpiece would look stellar on any table.
9. Cozy curtains
To keep out the cold, dress your windows up with thick curtains. Not only are curtains an easy wall accessory to hang, but they do in fact help keep the heat inside on crisply cold nights, according to BBC.
From blackout to sheer or cotton to linen, drapery is almost guaranteed to leave your space feeling warm and toasty.
10. Make it your own
Family photos, your favorite coffee table books and other meaningful pieces can fill your room with happy memories. While taking inspiration from your favorite bloggers and designers is fun, it’s also important to incorporate your own twist on projects to make your cozy home fit your needs.
“A cozy space for me is anywhere with a soft place to land and cuddle up with the family,” said Galvan. “Being around people I love instantly puts all my senses at ease.”