DRYUNOW and Insurance Consultants Group Saved a Highly-Customized and Exceptionally Beautiful Basement from Water Damage

DRYUNOW prides itself on providing solutions for every type of home, including those with custom finishes.

Emergency restoration company DRYUNOW is dedicated to providing services at a competitive price and enviable speed, and a basement restoration from late last year solidified the company as one that can take care of damages done to high-end property and materials.

Insurance Consultants Group customers Alok and Christine Bhaiji love their entertainment-ready finished basement. The space, which is approximately 2,000-square-feet, features a workout room with equipment, an entertainment area, theater seating and closets. It even comes complete with a wine cellar that was installed by the home’s previous owner. Mind you, the Bhaijis don’t even drink—but still, they love this character-adding component. Given how much they love to entertain in their finished basement, they were quite distraught when their sump pump broke in October of 2018, resulting in a couple of inches of water on their basement floor.
“It wasn’t a rising water situation, but the carpet was wet,” Christine said. “We needed help.”
The Bhaijis called their auto and home insurance agent, Kevin Singleton of Insurance Consultants Group, who referred them to DRYUNOW. DRYUNOW frequently works with insurance agents, home inspectors, property managers and more, all of whom can refer the brand to customers. Once a customer is connected with DRYUNOW, they can get all of their repair issues taken care of with one phone call. DRYUNOW provides a wide range of services, including water damage mitigation, mold and environmental remediation and storm damage repair.
“When a pump fails, water fills up the basement and eventually causes water damage,” Singleton said. “If it’s an unfinished basement then it’s not as big of a deal, but the Bhaijis have a beautiful house and a beautiful basement, so this was a major issue.”
Fortunately, Singleton was acquainted with DRYUNOW marketing representative Shannon Niebes, with whom he worked in a previous job. He reached out to her.
“Shannon has always helped our clients in the past,” Singleton said. “She’s easy to get ahold of. I reached out to Shannon and said, ‘One of my clients has water in their basement. Can you help them out?’”
The Bhaijis called DRYUNOW on Saturday, November 3. DRYUNOW went out to the Bhaiji home within two hours and set up dryers the same day. They also began to remove contents and the affected building materials. DRYUNOW ended up removing three feet of drywall, starting from the ground up. Per Alok’s request, the wine cellar was left alone. By the end of the week, the drying process was complete and discussions regarding repairs were underway. These repairs would include restoring custom baseboards and trim and replacing luxury carpeting. Significantly, the entire project started during a heavy rainstorm that saturated most of northeastern Ohio, which meant the crews had to work extra hard and fast if they were going to prevent any further damage.
The project was completed in early April of 2019, and no detail was left half-done. In total, the restoration cost nearly $50,000.
Christine noted that the basement walls had a special paint job that used two different shades of paint to create a Tuscan look. The paint job was restored. The wine cellar was also saved, which was good because it “would have cost a fortune” to restore, Christine said. Also significant was the complete lack of a damp smell.
The Bhaijis were pleased with DRYUNOW’s service and Christine said everything was done in a timely manner. Crew members were always easy to reach and always kept their appointments.
“We were impressed with the work they did,” she said. “So many people either don’t show up or don’t call you back. If DRYUNOW said they would show up at 8, they were here at 8. The painting was perfect. It wasn’t sloppy. I really don’t have any complaints.”
As for Singleton, what he loves about DRYUNOW is that, once he makes a referral call, he never has to worry about the issue for which he sought DRYUNOW’s help again. He knows DRYUNOW will take care of his clients. Of course, he kept in touch with all parties throughout the claims process to make sure everything was going smoothly—and it was, which made his job easier.
“I’ve got enough to do in my own job,” Singleton said. “If I refer something out, I don’t want to have to worry about it again. This was my first time referring a customer to DRYUNOW, so I didn’t know the company, but I knew Shannon and I knew she was going to take care of everything properly and I wouldn’t need to get involved. When a claim happens, I just don’t want there to be any issues. I care about my clients and I want the process to be easy. I want the claims to be paid and everyone to be taken care of. At the end of the day, DRYUNOW did everything they could to make the client happy. I absolutely plan on using them again in the future.”
Glenn McFeaters, who oversees DRYUNOW’s Reconstruction process, praised the team of crew members who completed what he described as a very technical job. “Mike Incze and Jack Mctaggart were exceptional. The type of work demanded our best team; Mike and Jack handled the work like pros. These projects also require back-end support. Mandy Lesner managed the project coordination and Carl Collins worked closely with the Westfiled adjuster, Catherine Frankina. It’s a complete team effort and everyone was terrific!
Not only did these crew members exhibit DRYUNOW’s signature professionalism and speed, but they also did so in an elevated space that is of great value to the owners.
“The Bahiji’s have a highly-customized home, so there are inherent challenges with doing a job that requires extra care,” McFeaters said. “You’re dealing with higher-end furniture and belongings. We had a very sophisticated team of carpenters on the job. They were able to execute and replicate a very customized part of the Bahiji’s home. By adding extra crew members, we were able to work faster and restore the basement in record time.”
With an emphasis on top-notch, personalized customer service, DRYUNOW works hard to solve problems in a fast and professional way at a time when people need it most.