A Spacious, New York City Master Bedroom Has Interior Designer Yudi Kaufman Feeling Very Thankful

When it comes to bedrooms, the Upper West Side resident has hit the jackpot.

Like many a New York City resident, interior designer Yudi Kaufman is familiar with the constraints of crowded spaces. That said, while Kaufman’s Upper West Side apartment is, by his description, “small,” his master bedroom is one of his largest rooms—and the one for which he’s the most thankful.

Kaufman, the Vice President of Robin Baron Design, Inc. and an alumnus of the Fashion Institute of Technology, likes to unwind in his master bedroom, and it’s easy to see why. The room, which he describes as “a soothing modern-transitional look with a touch of steampunk, a touch of glam and a touch of drama,” has enough space not just for his queen-sized bed, but also for two nightstands. A color scheme of “soft taupes with pops of plums and cranberries” runs throughout.
The icing on the cake, though, is the bedroom’s sitting area, which gives Kaufman a spot in which to truly relax, watch TV, read or even just catch up on his emails and phone calls, he said. Located directly in front of his bed, the sitting area is dominated by the Luna Open Back Settee from Robin Baron. Kaufman loves each and every item in his bedroom, but he is quite partial to his settee.
“It's my favorite piece in our collection and I love having it in my home!” he said in an email.
When he first set out to design his bedroom, Kaufman made sure to incorporate both drama and calm. He loves a dramatic look in a room, but he also needed a place to unwind from the chaos of New York City, he said.
“Incorporating dramatic elements needed to be done carefully and tastefully, without overwhelming the room,” he said. He points to his eight-foot headboard as an example. “The headboard is upholstered in a plain linen fabric and has very minimal tufting, so while its height adds a powerful sense of drama to the room, it does so without overwhelming the space,” he said.
Kaufman has been living in his apartment for eight years, and it took him six years to get the room to where he wanted it to be.

“When I first moved in, I used the furniture I had leftover from previous apartments and slowly, over the course of time, changed out piece by piece,” he said. “It wasn't until the summer before last when everything in the room was just right.”

He was probably right not to rush things. Kaufman’s bedroom is filled with items that have been carefully selected over the years, leading to a cohesive look that is tasteful and also very personal to him.
“I have great art, some of which I had commissioned and is super personal to me,” he said. He added that he has “fab furnishings” that include “cabinet hardware that is from the Robin Baron Home Furnishings Collections.”
The way Kaufman sees it, gratitude can absolutely play an important role in design.
“In fact, gratitude can play an important role in anything we do!” he said. “When we bring consciousness to the things we are grateful for, the sky is the limit. This is true in design as well. By staying positive, surrounding ourselves with good people and being grateful, the visceral reactions we have when making design decisions will always yield a beautiful end result.”