Life and Style Blogger Katelyn Cheek Is All About That Holiday Greenery

Whether you opt for real or faux plants, adding greenery to the home will liven it up for the holidays, according to Cheek.

For many, twinkling lights and ornaments are a huge part of holiday decor, but things don’t really seem to scream the holiday season until some bonafide greenery is in the house.

Just ask Instagram influencer Katelyn Cheek. Cheek is the creator of Katalina Girl, a personal lifestyle blog she started in 2012. She is also the design director of Oakstone Homes, a custom home-building and renovation company based in Iowa.
Cheek has several ideas on how to decorate one’s home with greenery in order to really give off those holiday vibes. While she mostly uses faux plants for the bulk of her own holiday and everyday decor, she still finds ways to incorporate natural greens.
The way she sees it, incorporating green into a home puts the space on a whole new level.
“Whenever I'm designing a space, 100% of the time I use some sort of greenery,” Cheek said in an email. “Whether it's a faux potted olive tree or fresh ruscus, eucalyptus or florals, it's an easy way to bring the outdoors in. There’s something about organic, untamed stems that breathes life into a space.”
For one, she loves decorating with garland during the holidays.
“It's such a pretty way to add in pops of green throughout a home that feels festive, yet subtle and natural,” Cheek said in an email. “Last year I purchased a faux, soft-green Lamb's Ear Garland and it is stunning. I currently have it on my mantel as a backdrop for our stockings. I also draped it on our banister layered with whitewash wood beams and silky cream ribbon. I love how garland makes a beautiful statement while remaining versatile, no matter what holiday decorating style someone might have.”
The best garlands, in her opinion, include the fresh ones that can be found at local Christmas tree farms made from tree trimmings, Lamb’s Ear Garland from Hobby Lobby and wreaths and garlands from Terrain, which she described as “incredible.”
She’s also open to both real and faux Christmas trees.
“One of my fondest memories growing up was going to pick out our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving,” she said. “We actually still do this to this day at my parents’ house in Omaha. I love the tradition, the smell of a fresh spruce, and taking it home to decorate with Mom. That said, I hate the thought that so many trees are cut down and then discarded. At my house, we decided to go faux for this reason—plus I love the look of our flocked tree.
Cheek also adds loose, single stems of various plants to her Christmas tree to further incorporate plants into her holiday decor.
“I love the texture and color variation of stems such as eucalyptus, willow branches, berry sprigs and juniper sprays,” she said.
Caring for plants can be a delicate business, especially during the holidays and in colder climates, so Cheek recommends checking in with the experts.
“Care for plants is extremely specific to each plant so I suggest asking a professional or at least sourcing care information yourself online,” she said. “A good rule of thumb is that most plants do best in indirect sunlight and water when the soil is dry to the touch.”
For more holiday greenery decoration inspiration—and for more home inspiration in general—check out Katelyn Cheek on Instagram